CareWhen Visit Scheduling Software ...our web and mobile phone based visit scheduling software for Private Duty Agencies, Service Agencies, and more.

CareWhen is 100% web-based, you can access every home care scheduling feature from anywhere.  Available with mobile phone access and our proven ClockWork telephony technology. Smart scheduling, Find Available, Late Alerts, EVV!  Built on Cloud technology for performance and reliability!
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Quick Feature List

All the features you need to run your Agency!
  • Schedule and monitor visits
  • Maintain home care client and caregiver info
  • Mobile access, mobile clock-in/out
  • Medicaid billing, claims (UB04, 1500).
  • Automatically post Medicaid remittance files
  • Client & caregiver web portals
  • Late alerts for both the agency and caregivers
  • Electronic verification (GPS, telephony)
  • Create and print invoices
  • Manage payments and accounts receivables
  • Use your PC, tablet, or Android or iOS mobile app
  • Security roles, feature permissions, and custom views.
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Visit Wizard, our original industry leading scheduling software and more for Private Duty Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice!

Visit Wizard Home Health Scheduling Software

Visit Wizard is a comprehensive and intuitive software solution for Private Duty, Home Health, and Hospice agencies.

Visit Wizard’s Private Duty software helps improve your Home Care agency through increased efficiency and quality of care. Our Home Health Care software can also help you stay Medicare-compliant.

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Medicare compliance and clinician productivity are your top priorities. You can meet your priorities with features we offer: OASIS, 485, Billing, and Home Health Charting.

Visit Wizard For Hospice Visit Wizard For Hospice

Managing a Hospice is different from managing a Private Duty or Home Health agency, therefore, demands appropriate capabilities. We provide them with features especially designed for hospices.


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